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How To Keep Back Pain At Bay

Most of us struggle with the pesky annoyance of back pain from time to time. Incorrect postures, bad habits and quite often our age serve as the contributing factors to this nagging ache. This article aims to provide some details to those who wish to control and manage back pain.

Maintain a healthy weight

Make sure you maintain a healthy weight according to your height in order to reduce the tension on your back. You can consider starting a diet plan and an exercise regimen that will help you reduce your weight. Once you achieve the correct weight, take the necessary steps to ensure it is maintained too.

Exercise regularly

If you have undergone surgery, you will need to speak to your spinal surgeon before starting any exercise routine. Exercise will not only help you maintain a good and healthy weight, it will also make your muscles stronger. When the muscles in your abdomen and back are strong, your spine will certainly be better supported. This will reduce the chance of problematic situations arising in the future. And needless to say, a well sculpted body feels great too!If your orthopaedic surgeon encourages you start and exercise regimen, you can consider starting with walking and/ or swimming. These are great ways to work your muscles and the negative effects are generally quite minimal. Don’t go to a gym straightaway and start an extensive workout routine because that will often cause more pain instead of alleviating it!

Focus on your posture

If you find yourself slouching while working, consider investing in new ergonomic furniture that will help you work efficiently. Those who spend long hours behind desks, staring into computer screens should definitely pay attention to their postures. The problems arise gradually, overtime, so you may not feel any adverse effects immediately. Make sure you take regular, short breaks throughout your busy work day too, so your muscles can relax a little from time to time.

Focus on pain management techniques

If you are already suffering from back pain, you can start experimenting with therapeutic treatments. Ayurvedic massages especially can help manage the pain quite effectively. You can enjoy hot stone massages and traditional Thai massage techniques which will help eliminate the back problems that you are having. Consider making your relaxing massage sessions a part of your routine and you will soon start noticing good improvements. Back problems rarely go away entirely. They will surface from time to time. Try to take preventive measures which will help you manage the condition so that you will be able to continue enjoying the activities that you love!

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