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How To Use Collagen Powder

Collagen is a protein which is naturally produced in our body and contributes to 1/3 portion of total proteins in the body and about 70% of collagen is found only in the skin. Being a major contributor and having a big impact on our skin, you now understand why collagen is the new buzzword, which is one of those few trending trends that is backed by proper research. And now, being backed up by research, you will see many beauty products that has collagen in it to promote your skin care and beauty. But just because any beauty product has collagen and promises to give your results, should you actually believe it? Before that, here is a background for you about what exactly is collagen. Once through reading, you should then know how to consume it to get the benefits out of it. Then you can decide for yourself if collagen is actually worth investing?

Collagen is basically made up of amino acids, out of which the most important ones to note and contributors to your body are hydroxyproline, proline and glycine. So what do they actually do? Collagen and their amino acids support the growth and strength of your nails and hair. Collagen plays an important role to support your joint and promote joint health. Collagen acts as a lubricant to make sure when you work out, your muscle and joint performs at its best. Finally, for skin, collagen does wonders, how you may ask? It ensures to bring back the lost glow of your skin, promotes elasticity and recues wrinkles and aging signs.

The great way to get collagen inside your body is to go for the most natural form, i.e to consume homemade bone broth but let’s be honest, you cannot always consume or have access to homemade broth and especially in scorching summers, you won’t be able to drink the broth. Which is why, the best alternate is to go for collagen powder supplements.

Here is how you can use collagen powder in your daily routine:

The good thing about collagen powder is that it easily dissolves both in hot or either in cold drinks so you can mix the powder in your favourite hot coffee, or a cold brew coffee. You can also use in smoothies and can find many online recipes for smoothies with collagen and finally you can also add the powder supplement in herbal teas. Guess what, not only it benefits you, but given its texture, it can make your drink frothy and creaminess.

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