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Improving Your Child’s Self Esteem As A Parent

It is part of your job to raiseyour kid as a responsible person. Improving his or her self-esteem is important to make them confident about themselves. A parent has a huge influence on their child’s self-confidence. Parenting is much like a game which you are coaching; under your leadership they learn to fight the game of life and finally win it by themselves.

Stop with the pep talk

Some parents think talking to their kids in a coaxing and persuading manner can get them to do things. By saying “you are smart” or “you can do it”, even though it is normally done to boost the kid’s elf-esteem, it may end up achieving the opposite. It is shown in studies that when kids are told they are smart, they build that “label” for themselves and wants to defend it for themselves. The result is them not taking up challenging activities such as games at which they might seem”not smart”. Instead you can tell them that you understand how hard they worked for it. It is clear that placing them up there with no actual reason may not be the exact right thing to do. You can also make them understand that even though you are able to provide them with the best products, such as branded stationary or good clarks school shoes, they have to earn that esteemed status at the classroom and school.


All parents punish their kids; however some parents are now seem to be thinking talking to them and making them understand to not to do something is the better way forward. Either way, when it is regarding punishments, top status is received by actions where you let the kids suffer natural repercussions of their own behaviour. At times, you may also have experienced aa situation where you threaten to not to go that party, but actually end up going despite the threat. That way, kids learn that your threats are just that, threats and not a practical manifestation. They learn that there is no need to be considerate about the shouting. You must discipline the kids to teach; not in a way that humiliates or intimidates the kid.

Do your part in building the self-esteem

It is not your job just to feed, buy clothes and childrens school shoes, tell them to do their homework and punish when they don’t. It is your job to develop them and make them feel important in this life. Show them the reality; everyone is not good at everything. If they don’t get the love and attention from you, they will obviously turn other ways, such as strangers posing as friends, or worst yet drugs and other behaviour that is destructive to them. If they are confident about themselves, it will be easier for them to go ahead with the right choices during difficult times. Provide them with the relevant support and information, but don’t try to influence their choices. Your kids are the only thing that you can’t leave in this word when it is time to say good bye. Make sure you do a good production of them.