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ocular residual

ASSORT Toxic Calculator welcome. This cruncher makes the use vector planning of various forms of financially available intraocular toxic focal points (IOL).

ASSORT Number Cruncher highlights include:

The SRK/T, Holladay, Hoffer Q, Oder HAIGIS formulae can be used to evaluate IOL Sphere and toxicity. A-coordination, vector planning Surgeon Factor (SF), PACD or HAIGIS constants are upheld by the Successful lens location figure (ELP). The cornea’s circular pressure is seen in the toxic intensity of  count of IOL at the horny plane.

Results are only given and vectors are shown:

The consequence of the postoperative toxic embedding revolution due to a refractive shock can be established. These numerical crunching systems allow for astigmatic checking of each eye, bunch tests may be achieved by ocular residual purchasing of ASSORT or VECTRAK programming. Arrange Refractive Calculator for the Toxic IOL.

The online cruncher number is the right vector planning revolution for an optimised toxic IOL to restrict the refractive chamber post-operatively.

  • Efficient Lens Figure Location (ELP) using SRC/T, Holladay (SF) or PACD Hoffer.
  • Simple comprehension and view of required vectors.

This mini-computer makes astigmatism investigation in one eye only The ASSORT outcome review programming may be ocular residual bought for bunch examinations.

Arrange Calculator Vector Planning:

In a future excimer lateral treatment strategy, this online extension machine strengthens corneal astigmatism like the refractive chamber.

Highlights of the number cruncher of the ASSORT vector planning astigmatism are:

Ocular Astigmatism Calculation (ORA – a vector comparison between a corneal astigmatism and a dioptre-communicated refractive ocular residual chamber in the corneal plane).

  • Showing astigmatic therapy (TIA) with focus on
  • Refraction 100 percent
  • 60% binding/40% borderline of the cornea
  • 100% Corneal 100%
  • Refractive goal and corneal astigmatism estimation
  • Set ORA computer Organize

Welcome to the Ocular Astigmatism Calculator (ORA) of the ASSORT.

The ORA is a corneal and refractive approximation for this web additive. Upon the conclusion of the ORA measure, Vector Planning uses related calculations as an alternative.

ASSORT Fetor LRI Calculator highlights include the following:

  • PHACO modified astigmatism of the cornea using ocular residual vector numbers
  • The PHACO entry point is used as an LRI
  • LRI and PHACO graphic show cut corneal astigmatism
  • LRI Nomogram View
  • Full Alpine Vector Analysis System with graphical presentation.

These mini-computers make the astigmatism of a single eye; the ASSORT or VECTRAK programme are purchased for bunch research.

Calculator Organize vector planning:

  • Bien-venue in the vector calculator ASSORT.
  • The highlights of the attaching machine ASSORT vector planning are:
  • Figure with two astigmatisms as a whole or comparison.
  • These astigmatisms show on a polar shape.
  • Displays the two-point vector outline comparison.
  • Calculator Arrange Coupling

The use of this adding machine for an illustrative ocular residual delivery is recommended. The ASTIGENTIC pairing was applied to the incisional and ablative medical technique.